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Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Despite the current Ryanair drama, I know lots of people are still looking forward to winter trips over the next couple of months. I have three more to go before I reach my 2017 goal of flying once a month, and I can’t wait! I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way that have helped to make my flying experineces more comfortable, and I wanted to share them with you.

Top 10 tips for flying

1. Stay hydrated – Make the effort to drink a little extra water than usual in the week leading up to your flight and you won’t be sorry. Drinking lots (of water!) during your flight is a must too. It will help you feel fresh when you land and during your trip.

2. Keep your make up to a minimum – The air in a plane is so harsh on your skin, wearing heavy makeup while flying can definitely cause you to break out.

3. Bring micellar water and moisturiser – Even if I’m just flying for 2 hours, half way through I always wipe my face with cleansing micellar water and apply moisturiser. Again, it will help to stop breakouts as well as battling irritating dry skin casued by the flight – this goes for both men and women.

4. Nose spray – This is one I wouldn’t have thought of, but a fellow travel enthusiast of mine Sasha Kinch, who is just back from six months of backpacking around the world, said “Using ‘Vicks First Defence nasal spray’ is amazing when travelling, perfect for any crowded situations. One or two squirts up your nose (don’t breath in too deep!) will act as a barrier to germs. I’m convinced it’s why I didn’t get sick once when travelling“.

Sasha’s tip reminded me of another great thing to have in your travel bag; eye drops! Dry eyes on a flight are torture so I always keep a few individual capsules with me just in case.

5. Buy food in the airport – ooh controversial!! But seriously, airport snacks aren’t that overpriced in my opinion. You can pick up a sambo meal in Boots for around €5 and treats are generally normally priced. If you know you are going to be peckish during your flight, then you will get much more value for your money in the airport than you will buying the stuff mid-air.

Another option is to bring a packed lunch from home in your hand luggage – you CAN do this, I have tried and tested it. Once food is sealed or in a container, it is generally no problem to bring through.

6. Have a liquid bag that you only use when travelling – If you are checking in a bag (this will cost you around €20 each way, dependnign on the airline), there will be no restiction on the liquids in that bag. However, if you are taking liquids in your carryon on (IE – through airport security), then you are only allowed one sandwich size plastic bag of liquids. All airports supply bags once you get there, however to be more eco friendly, it is worth investing in a reusable airport approved bag.

I picked mine up in a local chemist for €1 and I keep it in my travel bag between trips.

7. If you do decide to bring them just remember that you can only bring 100ml BOTTLES or less in your carry on. This includes sunblock and mouisturizer etc.

You can either purchase reusable travel bottles for all your cosmetic bits or buy travel size versions in the chemist. I advise you leave them in your travel bag and that way you don’t have to repack every time you travel.

8. Bring a reusable bottle – Save yourself a small fortune (as well as being kind to the environment) and always travel with a reusable bottle. Most Airports have drinking stations with clean, filtered and free water that you can use, so there is no need ot be buying plasitc bottles left, right and centre.

9. Bring a small blanket – if you have room, bring a small blanket with you (or a really big scarf!). It really does make a flight so much more comfortable. Most of the long haul flights will provide them, but for shorter European flights it is still nice to have something to keep you warm, especially when they crank up the cool air conditioning!

10. Speaking of comfort, DRESS COMFORTABLY – Try and remember that you are travelling so it is wise to wear loose, comfortable clothes and shoes, etc. And ladies; a sports bra is your friend on a flight (or no bra at all if that’s what makes you comfortable). My point is you don’t have to look like someone straight out of an Instagram photoshoot while travelling.. Be nice to yourself.

I really hope you found my flight tips useful, I love feedback and other peoples ideas so feels free to get in touch or leave a comment. And lastly, if you want to read part one of my travel secerts, where I talk about the planning side of a trip, just click here.

Written with love,

Rachael Victoria

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